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ENB Adult Ballet Day at RAH

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Signed up right away :D


4 spaces left as of now.


By the way I am liking the way they do this sort of events now. All transparent on how many spaces left. No more agonizing over the postman -- did they deliver my form on time??

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I've just booked too! see you there although I haven't been to class since December because of surgery, exhaustion & overwork :) and am wobbly & unfit, but I've got a month to get back into class!!

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English National Ballet -- major London-based classical company.

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The ENB are doing a season at the Royal Albert Hall. As part of their education programme, they organised an "adult ballet on stage" event.


Basically an adult ballet class taking place on stage at the Royal Albert Hall!


I've been to a similar event 2 years ago, but I'm also so excited to do this again -- something I can bloat to my grand children about, "Your Grandma danced on stage at the Royal Albert Hall!!" (When they come along, that is...!!)


Fish :)

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This is the third one at RAH that I'm doing. I love that space, it's so liberating!

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I think the level was a "General" level which means it's a real mix.


Unfortunately it's already fully booked!

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See you there! I'll be the very unfit one ...

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Well...I think some of you will recognise me, whether you've met me or not! ;)


Redbookish, I'm finally, very slowly, just starting to get back into shape. For these classes, my best advice is DON'T WORRY. The floor is great, the space is amazing. For the sake of the class, just enjoy the dance, you know? I love the chance to dance big and project, even with no audience around.

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