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My dd's classes are ending this week. The school has a week off and then offers extended session until SI begins. This year, she has had two days of pointe, 30 min each. She lost some of that pointe work at the end of the year due to recital rehearsal. Now I want her to build up for a 6day/5wk SI experience (her first).


The school's extended session is Mon: ballet/modern, Tues-Thurs, ballet/pointe. All ballet is 90 min and modern/pointe is 1 hr. She's in Level 3 and the classes are combined 3/4/5. She can attend 3 weeks before we go on vacation. One suggestion given to me was to do 2 days of pointe the first week, then build up to three for the next weeks. Another was to jump right in because she's going to be doing a lot during SI anyway. I thought I would split the difference and ask here since we're new to this pointe and SI experience!

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I finally had a chance to speak to her primary teacher and we're going to go ahead and try as many days as possible. She is teaching one pointe class each week and realizes that the lower levels aren't as experienced, so doesn't push them as hard. Good to know! Other than that, I'll just listen to my dd and we'll watch for signs of overuse.

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Good luck to your daughter. :giveup: It's hard knowing what the "right" thing to do is when so much of this is new for us as parents.

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