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It's finally here :rolleyes:


I ran into some huge issues with the color for the cover which held everything up for several weeks. Now it's fixed and the film is finally ready for sale.




I actually turned on the shopping cart last weekend but didn't announce it. I wanted to give it a few days so I could test out the ordering system without a rush of orders coming in all at once. Glad I did because there were some issues, all of which I think have been addressed.


If you want to order a DVD, please make sure you complete the entire ordering process. People have been confused by an invoice screen that appears about half way through the ordering process. It looks like you're done but it's actually a screen to review your order. At the top of that page is an icon that looks like a series of small credit cards. You click on this to go to Paypal which completes the order.


I'd change it or make it more clear but this is part of the shopping cart system and it can't be changed. I emailed customer service to see if they can make it more clear for everyone.


You do not need to be a Paypal member to use the shopping cart.


If you have problems, I can also email an invoice which links directly to Paypal. I did that for a few people and it cleared things up immediately.


Thanks for waiting. It's been a long haul to get to this point and I'm pleased to finally be able to share the film with everyone.



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Congrats Ed! I know you, the crew, and the dancers worked very hard to get this done.



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Congratulations! I can't wait to see it. :wacko:



Whoops! Pressed the wrong button.


Congratulations, Ed - I have been checking the website daily to see when I could order the DVD. I ordered it yesterday and am dying for it to arrive.


All the very best for what I am sure will be a big success.


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I ordered my copy from here in Perth - you just have to send Ed an email to 'info@everydaydancers.com' and he will send you an emailed invoice including international postage charges, with a link to Paypal so that you can pay via credit card. It's all very efficient and easy. I was notified that my copy was in the post to me within a very short time.


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Wow Ed! This has been a long time coming! Congratulations! I got to see bits an pieces at ACD 2006 and I was excited then. I'll have to get a copy....and I'm sure there will be plenty of people watching it at this years ADC!

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I ordered a copy this morning. :lol:

Haha! MY copy ARRIVED IN THE MAIL today!!


Haven't had a chance to view it yet but saw half of it last June at dance camp - I knew immediately I needed to have my own copy!

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Oh, you're lucky! I got an email notice today that it has shipped, so it should be here SOON! Can't wait! If I didn't want to go to ADC before, I'm sure this is going to fuel that fire. :)

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My copy arrived yesterday and I just watched it today. I love it, and it reassures me that I'm not crazy to have fallen in love with ballet, and that I do have every right to take class as an older adult beginner, and even to have some dreams. Thank you Ed for making this video. :angry:

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