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Okay well I'm a freshman in high school and I have a really close friend and she's a senior. We dance together and she's leaving for college this year. I'm so upset. And to make matters worse, my teacher who has been teaching me for almost five years now might be leaving for North Carolina. So I'm thoroughly depressed. I don't think I would keep dancing if she left. So I don't know what to do.

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Molly, continuing to dance is a matter of how much you want to dance. There are many good teachers, and, even though it is very hard to lose one you really like, if you really want to dance you will find another one. Plus, at this point in time, your teacher leaving is only a "might leave", so, for now you really don't know that will happen. It would not be a bad idea to start investigating what else is available to you in case that does happen, but don't panic yet!


As far as your friend leaving for college, I know that is hard, but, it is something that you just have to deal with. If you are really good friends, then the friendship will continue, but that does not mean that you cannot develop a good friendship with other dancers who are still there and dancing with you.

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