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How do you calm yourself down before an audition. I get really nervous and then do an awful job dancing. :blushing: Anyone have advice?

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Xandra, audtions are just classes :shrug: Seriously, though, they really are. If you do well in classes, and have a good attitude about class, corrections, applying them, and can show your appreciation as well as your enjoyment and positive attitude, that is a HUGE step in doing well in the auditions. Let the auditioners SEE your positive attitude and your love for dance. Everything else has to do with things that you really do not have control over, such as your look and your technique. If you have the look, and your technique is up to par for your age, level, and amount of training, then just DANCE! They will see that first. :blushing:

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Breathing techniques (ie. deep and slow) help before the audition, and then just think about having fun during the audition! You do a better job when you're enjoying yourself, rather than trying to do the step PERFECTLY :)

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I like to zone out before auditions and listen to my iPod (while I'm excessively stretching, of course!!). I have a relaxing playlist that I listen to and it calms me down.

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