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my progress :)

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just thought i'd let you all know how im doing, went to urdang last night was brilliant! so i'm now doing both urdang (on monday) and central (on weds) all im looking for now is a few hours of private lessons and im on my way :blushing: thanks for everyones help so far, youve all been great :shrug:

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No use crying over spilt milk now, David; good show on taking it up now! Keep up the good work!

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Well done David.


Do let us know how you get on with finding private lessons.


At this rate you will soon need new ballet shoes.They do not last very long :)



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hiya guys just got back from my central lesson with Renato, asked him about doing private lessons with me even though he said the week before he doesnt do them anymore and he said give it 2 more weeks to familirise myself a bit more and he'll be happy to give me private lessons :)


oh yeh and while doing some foot exercises at the start he saw something good about my foot and got his assistant to come over and see, think it was my foot arch??

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Oooh, brilliant, maybe he can see potential in you! Men often don't have a good arch so if you have that's great!

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Hi everyone,


Firstly I'll just let you know how I'm getting on, I'm doing great..started getting used to the centre now as when I first started I found it very hard but I can now follow everything which I'm happy with this early :lol: Currently going to the evening classes at Central with Renato on Weds/Thurs (absolute beginner and beginner). But unfortunately they don't do lessons during Aug/Sept and I don't want to take a 2 month break seeing I only just started.


Does anyone know of any schools still operating evening classes during Aug/Sept around central London?? I've even looked at doing a summer school for a week but I can't find any for my age/level :)


Thanks in advance,



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Can I ask what age you are? There are a few places in London that hold open classes at the beginners level, check out the Place in north London although it is primary a university for contemporary they usually hold ballet classes for adult beginners.

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I'd say have a look at Danceworks, and Pineapple Studios. As far as I know, they run classes throughout the year. The teachers may change as their regular teachers go on holiday, but I think the classes are always running!



Pineapple Studios

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Chelsea Ballet are running a summer school. There's an email link on their front page, so do send an email to their AD for info :P As far as I am aware they do one lower level and one higher level class each day so you can choose which one to go to.


There will be partnering classes daily if enough men join! :D


I hope I haven't scared you away even more, but I recall the teacher saying that Partnering for men is almost a completely different technique from normal dancing altogether. I doubt you'll be muhc far behind than anyone else on that seeing there are just no partnering classes around. :blushing:



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Good job David. I'd say adding that second and third class a week does wonders for your improvement. I keep telling my beginning students to come to that second class I've provided but I don't think they see the need for it yet. Your muscles almost forget everything from week to week without something in between to remind them. And, you stop being as sore after class since your muscles get stronger. And, they aren't the usual muscles you would use from day to day unless you focused on them intently like in class.


Good luck with your private lessons. When I first started I found that the one on one with a teacher helped me immensely as I felt more comfortable asking questions. I also had their full attention on me and they could pick up on my mistakes much quicker than in a regular class.

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Chelsea Ballet are running a summer school. There's an email link on their front page, so do send an email to their AD for info :D


I've sent a email over asking for more info :)

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Gotta reply from Chelsea Ballet, basically I'm not at the ideal level to attend the Summer course but they would really like me there. So they've invited me down to their class to see if I'd be ok, I'll let you know what happens.

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Just got home from buying some tights, dont get what the big fuss is about. I can already tell they're going to help me loads with getting the right positions etc.


anyway just a update for those of you who are interested :)

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