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How old is too old to start adult ballet?


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I would like to start taking adult ballet classes. There is a very nice ballet studio in my town that is for adults only. However, I am 50 years old! I am in pretty good shape but I was curious if this is really just too old to take ballet? :blushing:

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Hello red*satin, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :shrug:


We believe that it is never too late to do something that you really want to do! You have come to the right place, and you will receive a lot of encouragement here. :blushing: Do not hestitate to ask questions, and be sure and spend some time reading, as there is a LOT of info here on our forums!

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Actually, my teacher's mother began at 50, and went on dancing for nearly 40 years ! She had never done ballet before !

and two ladies in my class began floor barre around their 55th birthday and they have now begun ballet too !

so go on, it's never too late ! :dry:

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It's never too late to start! In fact, they say that if you keep learning new things into your old age you keep your mind more nimble. (not that 50 is old age in the least) Studies show that what some think to be age related dementia is really the brain slowing down for lack of use. The same with our bodies. Some disabilities we associate with age can be halted by physical excercise. Proprioception improves (awareness of our bodies in space), as does our balance, strength and flexibility. Sometimes we just think that if we are ____age we have to accept the decline in these areas. I know that we need to be careful with our bodies as we age but sometimes we err too far on the side of caution and use our age as an excuse not to try new things.


I say go for it! Don't let anyone talk you out of it because of your age and don't you talk yourself out of it, either. Trying something new is scary but it's well worth the adventure. :dry:

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I only wish I had started when I was as young as you!


As with some others here, I started ballet when I was well past 50, though I’m much younger than that now :dry: ! Overall, I can tell you it has been a tremendously rewarding experience.


I found almost universally that the respect of instructors and fellow students has not been based on age but on the commitment you bring to class. As I have said before, as a grey-haired, over-50 guy in tights, I can’t take myself very seriously, but I can take the efforts I make in class seriously. As an instructor would tell me, I’m not there to exercise, its dance, I’m there to inspire. And while the physical gains have been both very beneficial and noticeable, the inspirational ones have been even more so.


I would only hope that the instructor you find understands both the physical as well as the motivational aspects of adult dancers and also knows how, within your individual limitations and skill level, to challenge you to grow as a dancer.


Welcome to the board. You’ll find plenty of information and company here. I just hope you don’t think some of us are too old to offer advice to someone so young :lol: .


As far as I’m concerned, a truism is:

“You don’t stop dancing because you get old, you get old because you stop dancing.”

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Welcome to the adult ballet world :dry:


Check out these inspiring stories:


** Never tutu late to learn **

An 88-year-old man has made his ballet debut as the star turn in Prokofiev's The Stone Flower.



** Woman begins ballet at 70 **

A grandmother has taken up ballet after hearing how much her grandson enjoyed his lessons.

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You're too old when you're six feet under.

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Hello Everyone!



Thank-you so much for your input! What a pleasant and friendly group! Thank-you for your support, I do appreciate it!



~~Merry :dry:

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I started at age 52, and nearly 10 years later, am going stronger than ever.


"I found almost universally that the respect of instructors and fellow students has not been based on age but on the commitment you bring to class. " - I agree absolutely. The teachers want to teach, and someone who is committed to responding to what they have to give, is what they are looking for.



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When did he pass away?



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That was a delight to read. If I had ink in my printer at the moment I would print it for my husband to read. That describes the delight I experience but he fails to understand, better than I ever could.



Off to the office supply store....

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I can’t take myself very seriously, but I can take the efforts I make in class seriously.


Dancesmith, this is a wonderful thought & I'll put that in my 'cut out & keep" file, if I may.


Welcome to the world of adult ballet, red*satin, and I hope yo'll find lots in this forum to help you along the way.


The Adult Ballet students forum (where we are now) is for technique questions and one of our Teacher Moderators (all expert teachers with lots of experience teaching adults) will come to your aid in all sorts of ways for questions of technique.


The Adult Buddy Board is for mutual support, sharing of information about the right kinds of leotards, and so on. Have a good browse around, and enjoy!

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Redbookish (and Laschwen also),


I would be more than pleased for you to use anything I might offer that might be helpful. I feel I owe a lot of "payback" inspiration to all those who provide it for me. Anything you think that might make a small downpayment on that considerable debt, please feel free.

Thanks :) .

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