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Hi everyone!


Thank you for all your feedback. I was absolutely stunned by the number of responses to the thread I started on Pointework for Adults. I expected it to be controversial but wo! What a heated discussion it became - all for the best, though! We all learned so much from it. At least I did! So once again, thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion.


Somebody mentioned Lisa Howell's YouTube videos. She's great. In fact I have purchased her e-book called "The Perfect Pointe Book" and will go through the exercises and tests in due course. I wish there were dance physiotherapists like her in my country, or at least teachers who would perform all those pre-pointe tests for adults.


Anyway, kudos to all of my fellow adult students who have persevered and been able to do pointework, and patience to all of us who are dreaming of the day when we can finally go up there :wink:


A good day to all! :)



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Thanks, Airchild. I hope you got some ideas, encouragement, and guidance from the range of responses on that thread. The Sticky "The Facts About Pointe work" is also an excellent summary of good advice, for all dancers -- young and "old" !

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