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I call it Bob


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Interesting to see the discussion on the teachers forum about this. I thought it was just us being silly.


Instead of Bob, we call it Ralph.


This can be said with a French accent, for greater effect.



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Heh. We do that all the time... now I can't remember what it's called. Dance is one of those few things I learn visually instead of verbally.


Maybe just "in and out" ? ..

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I've heard it referred to as the "wiggle", and plain old "this" (while demonstrating)


My teacher does give "figure of 8" quite frequently, but it's not exactly the plain "turn it in whack it out".


It goes like this:

1. Grand battement to the side

2. Brush through 1st into attitude back

3. Bring leg back down through cou-de-pied to the "turn it in" position, en fondu

4. Whack it out straightening both legs at the same time


Does wonders to loosen up the hips!

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We call it 'that twisty thing', although 'whoosh!' is usually used as part of the description when trying to demonstrate it. :lol:

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well, I believe my teacher says "grand battement seconde, fondu, dedans dehors, développé", but as she shows us, I've never paid attention to what she actually says ! now this discussion is on this board, I must ask her tomorrow !

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A few teachers around here call it "Las Vegas" or just "Vegas." It does feel a bit showgirlish!

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We call it Las Vegas too.

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I guess in France we have less imagination...I asked my teacher, and she said we have no special name, juste what I said before... :blushing:

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No minty, it's not a lack of imagination- just less silliness!!!!! :blushing:

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