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I just read over the "tongs for boys" discussion following a long online review of dance belts for men. I am sorry, friends, but I am still confused. I am also new to this group, so please forgive this newbie question if it has been exhaustively discussed before. (I also did a search of this site and could not turn anything meaningful up on this topic.)


What I would like to know is what belt do you men ballet dancers recommend from your personal experience that offers "adequate support" and is very comfortable? (Please feel free to suggest specific names and styles.)


Also - from your experience, are thongs really uncomfortable? Are "full seat" belts better?


Thanks for helping with your experience - it is after all the true miracle of this site!



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I don't think anyone can really give you a definitive answer. They all provide reasonably adequate support and as far as comfort, it's too much a matter of personal preference. That's the reason they make different ones.


As far as the thong being comfortable or not, I think it's mostly a matter of getting used to it. The most important thing is to get one that fits. If you're on a borderline size, go for the larger one (my waist is 32 and I need a large). One that's too small will definitely be uncomfortable.


I never considered full-seat. They just don't seem compatible with tights to me since the back seams would break the hip line you are wanting to work on. But again, as an adult, you and your teacher may not feel so strong about it.

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