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Sickled feet

Les Sylphides

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Hi! I have a question about my feet. I broke my foot several months ago, and I have started dancing again. I seem to sickle my feet every time I point my foot. I did not have this problem before I injured my foot. I was wondering if there were any exercises I could do to strengthen my feet so I can point my foot correctly. Any advice would be appreciated! (I searched the forums and could not find any information on this, but I apologize if there was. Feel free to delete if necessary.)

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Hello Les Sylphides. :grinning: So sorry to hear you have broken your foot, but it is very nice that you have recovered. :D Knowing where, will be a helpful since the foot has so many bones. Sickling is very common in students, young and old. It would be very helpful for you to sit down with your teacher and discuss your concerns. Not knowing your level nor foot sturcture, it is a challenge to answer your question. Generally speaking however slow battement tendu done correctly is a wonderful "exercise" for correct alignment and strengthening of the foot.

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Thanks! I fractured my fifth metatarsal, if that helps any.... I will be sure to talk to my teacher and keep working on those tendues. :thumbsup:

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