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Knee and Turnout


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Whenever I plie, I dont create the diamond shape. I understand the way to place your knees in your plies, going out to the sides rather than forward, but, no matter how hard I try it doesnt happen. I am mostly a contemporary dancer, and have noticed how I cant stand in perfect parrallel, and my Right leg is naturally turned out, and its most un natural for me to stand in parralel. :wink:


Anyone know what on earth is going on?

Thank You :)

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Hello dawnswyrboy, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


Your question is really a technical question, rather than a Health or Nutrition problem, so I need to move this to either Young Dancers 13-16, 17-22, or Adult Students. If you tell me where you fit in terms of age group, I will move the post and hopefully get you some answers. :wink:

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Let me see if I've got this problem aright. If the problem is that you cannot naturally stand in parallel, then there is no problem, at least as far as classical ballet is concerned. And if you cannot make the "diamond" shape between the legs in first or fifth position plié, then the problem is easily identified: the legs have to turn out from the hips. If the rotation isn't there, then just putting the feet onto the floor in a turned-out direction isn't enough, in fact it could be downright dangerous, putting a lot of torque on the knee joint, which it wasn't designed to take a whole lot of!

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