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Article on Dancing moms


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This article came across Google this morning, I thought it might be of interest:


Mum's to the Barre

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Oh thankyou for this!! :blushing::thumbsup:


I like the list at the end:


If you start an adult ballet class, expect:


# Pain in muscles you didn't know you had.

# An increased knowledge of French.

# Frustration.

# A sudden interest in hairpins.

# Increased expenditure on tights.

# A new circle of friends.

# A flatter tummy.

# Better posture.

# A sense of achievement.

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I like the list, too. Especially the one "Frustration". I sent this one on to the students in my adult ballet class.

Thank you very much for posting it! :)

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Now we just need to work on "Dad's to the Barre" :lol: !


I can vouch for 8 of the 9 items on the list. While I must say hairpins still don't interest me much, the proper fit of dance belts was definitely a sudden interest for me :green: .

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Now we just need to work on "Dad's to the Barre" :green: !


My husband would be all for this if only it involved a "bar" and not a "barre"! :lol:

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""But for a couple of hours every week I get to be a ballerina and that's very special.""


That's good. And probably for 3 hours/week, she could be a prima ballerina (as well as getting a discount).



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This quote cracked me up:



"I think most would say their motive for coming was therapy," says Anne, laughing


Among certain of my colleagues, the standard line about the costs of our chosen forms of exercise is "it's cheaper than a shrink."



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