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I feel like I've come a long way in the past few years with my ballet trianing, having started as late as I did. Next year I will be a senior in highschool and I feel like I really just need to concentrate and clean up my technique as best possible before I'm 18. So I've been thinking about doing corespondance all this year and looking up different schools and I found one I really like. But I just want to make sure this is a good choice. I'm excited, because I could take the train downtown and be able to take class sometimes and have more energy for my normal classe, beause I hopefully won't feel as stressed out anymore. I wanted to see if any other dancers had any problems with it, teaching themselves, with colleges, with anything.

Also my parents aren't quite as supportive about it. My mom understands and wants what ever will get me the farthest, but thinks I'll be missing out on a lot. Which I do realize what I'll be missing out on, but if I was going to get really involved in school or anything I would have already dont it.

So I'm just looking for some advice, whether this is a good or bad idea. Or if there's anyone else I should be talking to about this. I already talked to my counsler at school and she thinks it's a great idea. But she also knows not all colleges accept it, but is more understanding, becuase her daughter goes to my studio.

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

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It would take a parent and a teacher (academically as well as balletically) to advise you as to what may be the best situation for you. As exciting as it all sounds, getting a good education is a winning situation for all. Homeschooling may work, but without knowing you, it is difficult to say. Young students may tell you their experience, but please understand, it is very individual.

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Hi there! I've been homeschooled since 2nd grade and right now I'm right where you are- a junior in high school. I had the opportunity to go to public school for high school. The reason I decided not to was the same reason you're thinking of doing your senior year at home- the freedom.


Right now I hold a job, dance, do my school, and am involved down at our church, and I don't have to stay up to midnight doing my homework every night. I have much more energy than me public school peers.


It also- speaking strictly academically- lets me choose what I want to study. My mom teaches me some things and I teach myself some other things. We keep a record of my work, and I recently took SATs- that way, if a college questioned my education, I would have solid "evidence". And I love the freedom- next year, I get to take physics(which I wanted to do this year... but that's another story), and I'm allowed to "make up" the next semester's history course. Meaning I get to study whatever I want to, in this case, history of the early Christian church, and I made my own reading list (Josephus, etc.).


I believe that homeschooling is definitely the way to go if you want more freedom- with your time AND your non-dance education. And I don't have to do P.E.- I just put down ballet, modern, etc. instead.


But as vrsfanatic said, it IS very individual. I have friends who were homeschooled, and then decided to go to public school for high school. Some love it- and some can't stand it and go back to homeschooling the 2nd semester.


Hope this helps!

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I went to public school freshmen and sophmore years and was homeschooled my junior and senior years. My reasons were very similar to yours. I was also a late-starter and wanted the freedom to dance more. I still got to go to prom because I went with a friend whose date backed out on her, so she ad an extra ticket. I also had a graduation ceremony at the cooraspondence place I attented. It was huge; there were over 400 of us graduating!!! If you can do it, go for it. You've been to school you know what it is like. However not everyone can say that they that they can do ballet and do it well.....you won't regret it, I promise.

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One of the major reasons I am staying homeschooled during my high schooled years is freedom from homework. I take four ballet classes a week and am a teacher's assistant. I have friends who are up until 2AM doing homework. I don't want to be like that. I would not be able to continue my ballet scheduale if I was in high school. Only thing is, you have to be really self-motivated.

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