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I am new too


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Hi everybody. I wanted to introduce myself and ask a quick question.

My DD will be 10 in couple months, dancing 3 days a week. She will start pointe classes next year if her teacher decides to move her up. She will attend the SI of her school for 6 weeks, 2 hours a day.

I was thinking about a way to keep her fit this summer. First I considered getting a ballet instruction DVD and let her practice with that at home. Then my common sense said that would not be right, might give more harm than good, she might pick up bad habits. Now I am thinking about purchasing a pilates DVD for her to strengthen her core muscles, balance and flexibility. She will swim, get into other activites and be a child during summer but I was thinking doing pilates and her regular ballet stretches with mommy would not hurt either. Does anyone have a suggestion about a well balanced pilates dvd for ballet dancers? Thanks.

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Hello longcommute, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :thumbsup:


As with ballet, we do not recommend learning Pilates by video. And, in the case of a child this young, who will do a 6 week intensive this summer, I would just not worry one bit about the rest of the summer. Let her be a 10 year old and just play and have fun. :)


(If you would like more input on this topic, please bring it up on Parents of dancers under 13. This forum is just for welcoming! :) )

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She's 10. Any regular 'play' activities such as swimming, biking, tennis, running around the yard, playing on the playground, tag, home chores or anything other than sitting, TV, computer, and videos will serve the purpose. At 10, she really doesn't need home-video routines or even more structured routines.


Her ballet classes and her summer outdoor active play will serve her just fine. Kids just need to be kids! :)

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