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Exam at my studio


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All of the teachers from my studio came from Europe so we have an annual exam just like they had in their schools. The problem is my teacher is really obsessed with making it perfect, she wants every single head and arm to be very specific. Of course, I understand that quality is really important, but we are doing the same few exam combinations EVERY SINGLE DAY from April until June. Other levels also have an exam but they don't practice it INSTEAD of class. I would complain but I love this teacher and she really wants what is best for all of her students so I can't bring myself to do it. I feel like this is going to make me out of shape for the summer, which is really upsetting because I want to be accepted into my summer program's year round school. I am wondering what you think?

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Since you are in the city, can you take some extra classes in other places, like Steps?

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I already take morning classes at steps but I have classes at my studio 3 hours each afternoon which seems like so much time to spend on the same 3 combinations.

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I agree, Lilac, but, if you have the other classes, you will be okay. I really don't understand spending that kind of time on a few combinations, though. :dry:

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