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I've just started back to ballet class (Vaganova technique) after 4 decades. I'm traveling for work next month, and really hate the idea of missing class for two weeks. Does anyone know of adult drop-in classes in (or near) Charlottesville VA, Harrisburg PA, Cleveland or Youngstown OH, Albany or Syracuse NY? I'm kind of at the advanced beginner stage at this point.

Alternatively, can you suggest a good DVD dance class?

Thanks for your help,

Can't Resist

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Can't Resist!! I don't have any answers for you, but wanted to take a quick moment and welcome you. Glad you started back and congrats on getting back to an advanced/beginner stage!!! :)

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Hi Can't Resist -


Your spirit inspires me - keep on going!


If you are looking for a good DVD class, allow me to recommend:


Ballet 201 - Beyond the Basics


It sounds like you are "Beyond the Basics" so the first DVD (Ballet 101) might be a waste for you.


The teacher is wonderful - perfectly paced with no wasted time - a class designed for the home student, warm ups, maintenance, pre-class students or whatever. The class was also specifically designed for DVD users so the teacher has the "pause and rewind if you need to" built right in. Here's the link:




You might have to cut and paste this together in your address line. If all else fails, go to Amazon and look up "Ballet 201" and it will take you directly there. They also have both Ballet 101 and Ballet 201 in a single set if you wish to order both.





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