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Little moments of pure genius

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Hi: My first two little moments were yesterday.

First, while I was going to the pharmacy in the grocery store for my Rx for my infected toe, I got the idea that I ought to look for something better than I have at home to soak the affected foot in.


I got a aluminum loaf pan. Perfect fit, nice depth. I knew this one would be good to share.


My second moment was in Ballet class. Those darn canvas shoes. I am beginning to believe they shrink even before you wash them...from sweat.

The cure for the pressure on the big toe I now get in shoes that fit nicely several weeks ago.....I cut a hole in the shoe between combinations. maybe I need a little glue or fray check stuff on it, but I don't need new shoes for a while....











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Let's see.. well mine is probably obvious to others, but struck me as a relevation :-P


1. In center work, when you're going 2 or 3 at a time. If you don't know the combination, don't wait till the last! Cos that's where all the other people who don't know the combination hang out.. resulting in an entire group with no one good to follow. Go first or second. And act like you belong.


2. Lifting up, looking up instead of down, and smiling, makes all the difference in how "good" you look while dancing. Attitude makes such a difference.


3. Most ballet dancers are dissatisfied with their body, even the 18 year old girl in the professional division with the lithe form you're jealous of. I feel like like shaking them and saying: that's as a good as it gets! Your metabolism slows down as you age, and you get wrinkles! Enjoy it while you got it, and don't be ashamed of wearing bikinis!


4. One of the biggest benefit of getting older is not caring as much what people think. :-)

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