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Television: SYTYCD Where are they now?

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Momof3, I was discussing that with my friend last night, about being able to find out where past, and now current, dancers end up after the show and the tour. Do you know what the last two winners are doing now? I don't even know the name of the first year winner, as I did not follow the show then. And what is Travis doing? And Benji, is he performning somewhere or more into choreography now?


Nick Lazarinni and Melody Lacaya won the first year. If you remember they were best friends and roomates. Nick won and Melody was the runner up. They have NOT stopped working since. Nick Lazarinni was already very big on the competition and convention circuit and was at several of the shows watching. I think they are both doing extremely well. I think they perform alot together and we had her at a show of ours but a year later were not able to book her she was too busy! They are beautiful dancers and extremely sweet people as well.

Before she was on the show she used to come to our school to assist guest choreographers so our students were following the show very closely. They were thrilled that she did so well, she is such a sweet person.

I do wish they would include past winners on the tour it would be really great. :)

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Ms. Leigh, you were asking about last year's winner, Benji. I saw him in Christina Aguilera's "Candy Man" video. It's a cute take off of the Andrew's sisters during the WWII era. Lots of swing dancing and Benji is featured partnering Christina (and another girl). Lacey is also in the video. You can see it on Christina's website, along with a "Making of Candy Man" video:


Candy Man Video

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The August Dance Magazine has an article that shows what some of the dancers are doing.


Musa--has done commercials and performs with JayZ

Ben--Odyssey Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City

Martha--will be in Ben Stiller's new movie as a dancer

Heidi and Benji--worked on a West Coast Swing Instructional DVD

Ryan--is with Complexions (Yeah!)

Melody--Evolution Dance Company in Canada (I think Mia's company) and teacher for "Shock" conventions

Blake--was on MTV's Dancelife and has an instructional video, and is now founder of Coastal Dance Rage in Canada. His mom has started a competition dance costume consignment business using his name and fame.

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For those of us who were discussing where the former dancers are. Natalie Fotopoulos (sp?) is now one of the choreographers for So You Think You Can Dance Greece and dances on the show as a guest also.

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A continuation thread for where the former contestants are now, what they are doing and if the show helped springboard them into better paying careers or higher paying dance careers.


Twitch was a dancer in Hairspray, the Movie

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My dd had a couple of dance classes with Nick Lazarinni at a JUMP convention about a year ago. I bought a ticket to watch. He had a lot of stage presence and taught the kids a dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. They performed it at the end of the convention. It was very entertaining - probably one of the best conventions she attended in that regard.


Some of the things you see at those conventions aren't too pretty though - glad dd's into ballet now! :D

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Jaymz was in High School Musical 2, Snow was in Enchanted, Lacey will be in Adam Sandler's movie Bedtime Stories, Lauren was on tour with Mariah Carey


Neil will be in a movie soon, was on One Life to Live for a bit and Altar Boyz (although that may have been before)

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An off shoot of our social commentary thread. Please share your listing of what the SYTYCD Alumni are doing now from Season 1-4.


I see Sabra listed as a member of the Cedar Lake Contemporary Company as well as staff on a good number of Jazz competition circuits.

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Wow, good for Sabra!


I am extremely interested to know what Melissa and Ashle from Season 1 are doing now. I always liked them both very much as dancers.

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I only know the easy ones: Chelsi Hightower (adorable; from last season?) just finished her first season as a professional on "Dancing With the Stars". Lacey Schwimmer ( :D ) just completed her second season on "Dancing With the Stars". I didn't like her on SYTYCD and I really don't like her on DWtS---but you all didn't ask for my opinion. :wub:

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I'm not sure what Courtney from last season is doing dance wise other than having added a good bit of ballet (following judges advice) to her daily dance schedule, but I do know she has a clothing line of dance wear and has done some dancing various places.

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Joshua and Twitch are teaching. Twitch was originally listed as the hip hop teacher at SERBA this year but then Joshua actually ran the classes.

Dimitrey from season three was also on Dancing with the Stars this year, but was eliminated early.

Kherrington Payne from last season will be in the new Fame movie that is supposed to come out this fall (as will Debbie Allen!).

Neil Haskell has been dancing on Broadway.

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Ah, someone tipped off another thought of alumni.


Hok and Dom were on America's Best Dance Crew as part of Team Quest. I believe they won. Sarah was supposed to join Quest after touring with a recording artist. She is now a member but ABDC has a limit to team members so she was not added to the group going on ABDC.


Blake is a judge on Canada's SYTYCD


Neil will be in the Broadway version of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 after a stint with two other shows.


Ashlee Nino--the popper locker. lists Miley Cyrus tour, a good number of MTV videos and an intensive teaching schedule overseas

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Lacey Schwimmer ( ) just completed her second season on "Dancing With the Stars". I didn't like her on SYTYCD and I really don't like her on DWtS
Oh - I agree with this! I don't know why I don't like her on DWtS, just something about her smirk I guess? I love her brother, Benji, and I think he has choreographed for some of the DWtS routines?
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