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Television: SYTYCD Where are they now?

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Lacey Schwimmer ( ) just completed her second season on "Dancing With the Stars". I didn't like her on SYTYCD and I really don't like her on DWtS
Oh - I agree with this! I don't know why I don't like her on DWtS, just something about her smirk I guess? I love her brother, Benji, and I think he has choreographed for some of the DWtS routines?


Just want to say that I was not a huge fan but then we worked with her last year. She stepped in after a SYTYCD winner (who shall remain nameless) cancelled at the last minute for a big fundraiser we do annually. She had just had knee surgery she volunteered to come in, host our show, donated a free private lesson and was TRULY gracious, humble and amazing. I cannot say how much I appreciated her love of the young people and appreciation of the spirit of dance. :wub:

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That's great to know! Thank you for sharing that information, it's too bad more of that type of info isn't made public, but I guess that's not what the dancing part is about, it's just nice to hear that type of news.

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Does anyone know what Danny Tidwell is up to? He was my favorite two seasons ago, but I haven't heard anything about him since that season's finale :yes:

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I know Thane is giving master classes. Chris Jarosz did our Nutcracker last November in the Arabian Pas (with my DD!!). He looked great! He just graduated from SMU, and I also heard a rumor that he was training for a new Cirq d'Soleil show.


Comfort is on a competion/exhibition circuit. She gave some local master classes at a huge dance event in Dallas in April.

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Quote= Kherrington Payne from last season will be in the new Fame movie that is supposed to come out this fall (as will Debbie Allen!).



Thank you so very much. I just kept on looking at the promotional clip for Fame and going where do I know that person from.

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Here - check it out: *link removed because of problems when you get to the sitequote]


Thanks dancepig! It's interesting that both Sabra and Danny went to contemporary ballet companies.

And thanks for the info about Danny in YAGP, Memo!

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Would you mind sharing which contemporary company for Danny, when I went to the page I got the appearance from the message board that it had been taken over by spam so I left. Many of the other pages were kicked out by my virus protection.

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On Danny's profile page it says he is teaches for Dance Alliance in NYC and performs with Complexions Contemporary Ballet.


* Okay, disregard what I wrote above because it is old information. The website that was linked on this thread is not up to date. As far as I can tell, Danny is teaching for Break the Floor and co-founded a new magazine called movmnt.

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I'm going to take that link off then since my computer didn't like it. I don't want it to bother anyone else's.

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Recently attended the "recital" for Denise Wall's Dance Engery where Travis, Danny, Jaime and Ivan all performed. Travis did an amazing solo - some of the best I have seen from him. Jaime did a solo that I have seen before and also did a duet with Travis that was lovely, Danny did two pieces, one more contemporary (lyrical) style and the other more contemporary ballet. He's still got it. I didn't get to see Ivan since he performed on the 2nd night of the shows and I only attended the first night, but my family members tell me his solo was a tribute to Michael Jackson and was very very good.


The program said that Danny will be performing in an upcoming Broadway show called "Memphis". Travis and Jaime continue to travel with the competition circuits. I also know that Travis just finished filming the Bench Dance and Ramalama which will be shown on the 100th episode of SYTYCD.


That's about all I can remember!

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Sorry about the site problems! I didn't go farther than the profile info, and was able to cull that - here is what it said (personally, most of this is old news, but it is still of interest)


"American contemporary dancer and dance choreographer Danny Tidwell was born on August 1, 1984 in Norfolk, Virginia. He is a top 20 finalist on the third season of the reality show So You Think You Can Dance. Often mistaken for American martial artist and actor Taimak Guarriello, Danny is the adopted brother of Travis Wall, who was a runner-up in the second season of SYTYCD. Danny started out dancing at Denise Wall’s Dance Energy under the direction of Vicky Cooke and Denise Wall, and at the age of 15 he was invited to study classical ballet at the Universal Ballet Academy in Washington under Anatoli Kucheruk and Vladimir Djouloukhadze.




In 2001, he won second prize at an international ballet competition in Shanghai, China, then in 2002 he received the silver medal at the Jackson International Ballet Competition. Danny then went on to join the American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company, and was hired in May 2003 as the ABT’s Corps de Ballet. He has worked on a number of classical ballet repertory productions such as Spectre de la Rose and Peasant pas de deux in Giselle. He also performed contemporary works by choreographers Robert Hill and William Forsythe. Danny is currently among the faculty of the New York City Dance Alliance, and performs with the Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company."

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Lauren Gottlieb was just dancing on Glee as one of the Show Choir kids in black and blue.

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Wow, good eyes Momof3! DD and I were trying to see if we spotted any dancers we knew but it was too quick for us to pick anyone out. Glee is a funny show and it's great that it is providing work for dancers!

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