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Television: SYTYCD Where are they now?

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You can also spot Lauren in the Vocal Adrenaline group in the very first episode (the "Rehab" number). I find her pretty easy to spot because of her long, dark hair and bangs cut straight across.

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Does anyone know what Danny Tidwell is up to? He was my favorite two seasons ago, but I haven't heard anything about him since that season's finale :shrug:



Moved to the end of the thread....

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Danny Tidwell is currently in the new Broadway show "Memphis." He also did a solo at the recent Fire Island dance event benefiting DRA. (There is a YouTube video posted of that solo.)


Travis Wall has appeared in a piece by Wade Robson shown on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2007 (I think) and the one by Dee Caspary and someone else whose name escapes me right now on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2008. Besides being a choreographer for this past season's SYTYCD (the contemporary piece with Janine and a group piece a week after that), one of the pieces he choreographed on Denise Wall's Dance Energy senior company ("It's Going to be a Long Walk") had a lot of buzz this past year with several performances at various venues in NYC and sweeping awards wherever it was performed. At Adam Shankman's request he also assisted in choreographing several numbers for the recent VMA awards. I think there is also a big movie "thing" happening too, but I'm not sure it's supposed to be open knowledge yet. When/if I get the okay to give more detail, I will. (There are several YouTube videos out there of his more recent work.)


Jaimie Goodwin last year toured with Rasta Thomas's Bad Boys of Ballet, and I think even now she is somewhere in Europe with them again this year. She was a principal dancer in the movie "High School Musical 3" too.


Those are the SYTYCD alums I know something about.

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Guess it helps to have a few visual aids to go with spazcyn's post:




I tried to find another piece of Travis' done on a local company but can't find it on youtube yet. I have been impressed with a good bit of his group work at competitions DD2 attends. His solo work I think is tougher to get across not because of the work, but because of his style translating not translating onto the dancers as dynamic as it is when he performs it himself, at least on the dancer's we've seen.

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He is listed as an apprentice on the Garth Fagan website. Thank you for that information!

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Thanks, Mof3. I wasn't sure it was appropriate to post the links to the YouTube site. There's lots more on YouTube that show Travis's choreography too, mostly done for his mom's studio's senior company. (Just search by "Denise Wall's Dance Energy.")


I know this thread is about SYTYCD alums, and I don't know how many other DWDErs may be interested in trying out for SYTYCD in future, but watch out for Julie Champagne (the girl in green in "Long Walk") and Taja Riley (not yet old enough, but her winning solo for the national teen title from NYCDA from when she was 15 gives an idea of her power/poise as a performer, and she danced with Travis on "Dancing with the Stars" last year in the piece with the giant star for those of you who recall it). If either of them want to give SYTYCD a try, they have some serious chops. In fact, there is a whole crop of SYTYCD-worthy dancers currently at DWDE.


As far as Ivan, he's been sort of informally adopted by Denise and DWDE and spends a lot of time there. There's a great YouTube vid out there of him doing his MJ tribute as well as a good one showing the DWDE company kids in "Smooth Criminal" choreographed by Ivan. I had the privilege of seeing the latter live, and that one had the audience cheering/standing at the end. The YouTube vid is again photographed from so far back that little to no detail can be seen, but it gives an idea of what Ivan has been doing in addition to his dancing.


I second what Tatlet said about Travis's solo at the recent DWDE show this past June. I just got the DVD since DD and I could not be back in VBeach to attend in person, and I found it very inventive. And to think he just turned 22. Amazing future in front of him.


As a bit of Travis trivia, Travis was in a national Dr. Pepper commercial as a kid. I even remember seeing that back then and being amused. That one is on YouTube as well.


(Speaking of "commercials," I guess this post turned out to be basically a DWDE commercial, didn't it? Sorry. :thumbsup: )

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Since this came up on the current 2010 SYTYCD thread, time for a bump back up. Please share with us if you know where any season's prior dancers are and what they are doing now or have been doing dance wise over the past years since they were first on the show.

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Travis was assistant choreographer to Adam Shankman for the Oscars this year, and he danced in both the opening number and the nominated song dance revue along with Jaimie Goodwin, Kayla Radomski, Jakob Karr, and Ivan Koumaev. Ellenore Scott and Kapono danced in this too. I think there may be YouTube links to both of these.


Travis also choreographed another number for "Dancing with the Stars" this year, dancing in it alongside Danny Tidwell (who partnered Tiler Peck from NYCB in the piece), Nick Lazzarini (winner of SYTYCD1), and Jaimie Goodwin. (Taja Riley and Kate Harpootlian from the same studio in VA that Travis, Jaimie, and Danny hail from also danced in that one.)

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Also, I think quite a few of the former contestants work for SYTYCD, at least during the regional auditions. Eleanor and Ade were both working at the NYC auditions this winter. If I correctly remember what my daughter said from her two days auditioning, the dancers competed during the earlier audition rounds in front of them and I think some other former SYTYCD contestants, who decided who got cut and who moved on. I've wondered how much independence they actually have in the decision-making since every single dance and interview audition the dancers do in all the rounds are taped. They don't get to the "TV judges" until the round right before the final choreography round.

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Travis choreographed a piece for Los Angeles Ballet's recent "New Wave LA" program, called “Reflect. Affect. Carry On…” set to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and U2’s “With or Without You.” Also choreographing for that program were SYTYCD regulars Mandy Moore and Sonya Tayeh. It was an extraordinary program and performances were sold out.

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Benji and Lacey (at least it appeared to be Lacey) were dancing on the CMT awards last night with Leann Rimes. It was good to see Benji again.

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Jeanine Mason, Brandon, and Nick all toured with the Jump Convention this year. Billy Bell also was touring with Jump this year as a demonstrator. We saw Travis at the NUVO competition this year as well.

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