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Urgent Music Help Needed!

{Polina Fan}

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I need music and/or routine ideas.


I am performing at 8th grade promotion, as the school had requested I do.


I have about 21 days to memorize and work on a routine, and I am a quick learner.


I mainly need music ideas, as I am sure I can come up with some coreography.


PS - I LOVE allegro and fast tempo stuff, but nothing TOO fast :D





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It's best to work from the known to the unknown.


Do you know any classical variations right now? They would be a ready supply of program material.

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Sounds like you have an idea already on the pad. Still, that's not what I asked. :D

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I don't know if you can download it anywhere, but that's the variation which was associated with the "Diana and Acteon" pas de deux by Agrippina Vaganova. The music is often attributed to Riccardo Drigo, although it may just be his arrangement of an earlier piece of music by Cesare Pugni. It was available for a long time as part of a 10-disc set recorded by Richard Bonynge.

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Hi, I think I've found the music for the variation you want to dance, you have to order it and wait for it to be shipped......... here's the link:




Scroll down the page and in the Esmeralda Pas De Deux section click on variation number 20, it gives a sample of the music, the timing might be slightly differant to the youtube version, I'm not sure. I hope this helps :-)

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You've been working on this variation for 3 months, and you still don't have a recording of it???


Sorry, sympathy in this case is extremely limited. Try getting the Bonynge CDs via your library, on interlibrary loan, if possible.

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Oh, I am not looking for sympathy at all o__O


I am probably going to buy the CD off the website previously posted.


No, I don't have a recording of it. I've been dancing to the music off this video:


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Can you or an audio-savvy friend rip the audio track from that recording?

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Yup! My dad just did for me :thumbsup: It's not 100% clean, but I think it'll work!


I'm also going to take private lessons at my ballet studio and the head choreographer has offered to put a variation together for me, so that will probably be what I'm going to do.


Thanks much everyone!

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