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My dancing boy!!


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Hi, I'm not only new here, I am new to the whole dance forum arena. I come from a small town in the west of Ireland and I have a 12 year old boy who LOVES to dance. He currently does Hip Hop (his favourite) and Ballet and is heading to London to do a week of contemporary dance in the summer.


Problem is that all he wants to do is dance and I have no idea how to direct him as we aren't dancers in our family - mind you his Dad is a superb musician and I personally think dance is quite similar! He has a natural talent and is extremely agile and flexible. Currently he is the only boy in his ballet school and he gets teased at ballet by the girls and everyone at school!! We are very fortunate in that his attitude is that he just loves to dance and he is not giving it up.


He is quite certain that he wants to dance as a career and given that he has not many options open to him where we live I have no idea where to start to help him. There are no other types of dance classes available to him at the moment and his ballet teacher lacks focus.. any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. My primary concern is that he has the tools available to him to do what he so badly wants to do!

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Welcome Carwalsh. You've come to the right place. While I know nothing about ballet in your area you are right to be looking for the best training possible. Read up. There is so much here to learn.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, carwalsh!!


Take a look at the Parents of Boys forum. You'll find a wealth of information there about teasing, dancewear, classes, everything related to the specific concerns of male dancers!

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You might check with: Royal Academy of Dance and see if there are any instructors near you.


I also found these 2 links:

Dance Schools in Ireland


Dance Schools & Classes in Dublin


Does anyone out there know anything about Irish National Youth Ballet ??


Also, I remember a thread somewhere on here about schools in Ireland, and I'm going to go search that next!

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Thanks everyone for your help. It is great to "speak" to people who are in similar situations. I will check out the links and hopefully it will uncover something that will help him!

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