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Food....that cafeteria gets old really fast....the meal plan is not the most inclusive. And as much as a parent doesn't want to admit it...entertainment. Additional open classes....they all take them (Steps or Ailey)

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buzzandmoo- just curious about something; is taking classes outside of SAB something that is generally accepted by the teaching staff? My DD attends a big prepro, and we are told that in no way do they want the students taking "extra" classes outside of the studio. Doesn't stop some students from doing it anyway, but it is something that is discouraged. I would like my DD to take some classes at Steps this summer, however I also don't want to rock any boats.

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Another question...when should parents plan to fly up to see their child? I know they don't have recitals, but are there any opportunities to see them dance throughout the year? My dd will be 16, so not in the Nutcracker - probably C1 or C2.

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C2 will be in Choreographic Workshop in October. Other than that, the only opportunity to see your dancer would be the end-of-year Workshop. C2 and below have two parent observation weeks per year. Of course, you can always make an appointment to observe a class ahead of time. In sum, not a lot of performing that is available to parents. There is a Gala where C1 students will perform. However, you have to pay a lot of money to attend, as it is SAB's biggest fundraiser of the year.

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Here's the thing...on scholarship no outside classes in ballet (is the official word). Almost all the upper level students attend Steps on their days off and during breaks. Ailey is close by and just a couple of dollars more (Steps is $18 for a single class, if you buy a card its $16 a class) Often you will see many NYCB dancers taking class at Steps. Many students also see their own PT's and Pilates instructors outside of SAB. There is what is in the handbook and what is reality. The "rules" definitely do not apply evenly to all students.

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Upper level students get supplied at a discount through the school (Freed only). Everyone else is on their own for suppling shoes. Various local retailers do offer a modest discount to SAB students.

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Does anyone know the move in date for this fall? My dd was invited, but I don't see move in info on the website.

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Typically, move in to the dorms is on Labor Day. "We labor on Labor Day" is their motto. The exact date should be in any registration forms you have filled out, or the formal invitation letter.

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What is the base price for SAB? (Room, Board, tuition, assuming PPAS)? $22,000 is what I calculate. Is this what most families pay OR are most DKs receiving some type of scholarship assistance?

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I can only speak for ourselves, because otherwise would be hearsay, but my dd was offered scholarship money. They want you to have everything in order before the summer intensive starts so you are prepared to make a decision. You can even fill out financial aid paperwork before it starts. I think it is common knowledge though that most receive some sort of assistance.

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