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Yes, I am pretty sure that they let people know at the audition. I know of one girl who came to the audition with all of her stuff with her planning to stay the year. She got in and a dorm spot, so all was well and embarassment avoided.

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It wasn't easy to schedule, but I guess it never hurts to ask. We will be in the city at the end of the month and they are squeezing her in.(they are ending their SI at the same time-so it hasn't been an easy sell to get this arranged) :grinning:

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Guest littlegelsey7

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew any details about how hard it is to get into SAB...like what they look for, how you should look, what you should be able to do and how good you should be etc. Any information would be much appreciated because I would love to go there and people tell me I could get in but I just wanna know some stuff about it... :shrug:

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They look for a good facility for ballet, and the right size and proportion for a dancer, depending on the age, of course. They look for evidence of good training, strength, speed, and a dancer who is focused and commited. They look for coordination and musicality and the ability to take corrections, apply them, and to learn things quickly.


This is not unique to SAB, this is what all auditioners will look for. With very young dancers they look more for potential, and with older teens they expect more solid technique.

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Guest littlegelsey7

I have already asked a similar question on a different post but I am trying to get a lot of answers. How hard is it to get into SAB? What do they look for and how technically advanced do you need to be? I am trying to find out plenty of information about SAB before I audition there. I am 13 and hoping to audition for the summer program. People say I could get in because I have a good ballet body and have good technique and I want to know if I have a chance. Also, what are the auditions like? I would love any information you could post! :angry:

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I was at the SAB summer program this summer and 5 girls were asked (4 of which are attending) and 7 boys. They are completely out of dorm space and 1 girl and 1 boy had to find appartments for next year. They also claimed to be out of room and not accepting any more dancers who didn't even need a place in the dorms. Because of this I doubt anyone will have any luck at the auditions in September...but it could be worth a try. It's a great summer program and my friends in the advanced year round levels love it, so if they're as full as they say they are, definitely try next year!

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As my dd is already committed to an SI this summer, I've been advised by a reliable source to take dd to New York and audition at SAB during one of their Wednesday auditions for the Winter 2005 term. I was told that if I wait till the September date on their web site, which is meant for the local community, that there is usually no housing left as they fill spaces out of the summer program. If my memory serves me right, there have been a few people here that have done this. Can you please share your experience and give me some advice? When would be the best time of the year to do this? Should it be closer to the end of this school year? Any information would be much appreciated as I have never been farther East than the Pacific Northwest area so a trip to New York City will be quite the adventure for me and dd. :(

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SAB's Wednesday auditions start some time in January, I believe. I'm sure you have already called them to ask. :blink:


Personally, I would schedule the visit to The Big Apple to fit your schedule and not worry too much about when within the audition season your daughter auditions, though I'd say it's better to hit them before March... When does your daughter have a vacation and, maybe more importantly, when can you both get away? Once you make your decision there'll be plenty of people who can help you out with advice about where to stay and what to see. :)


Others may have their own opinions on this question, but since your daughter is using this audition to see if she might be considered for SAB's year round program I think you have some leeway. If they fall head over heels, they'll let you know. I'm sure you'll handle it well, mylildancer. :clover:

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I would recommend that you call SAB directly and ask them where and when they suggest your daughter audition. Since your daughter is not interested in attending the summer course, I doubt that they will want her to audition in January or February. It would be really early for them to be sure that they would have a space in September. They would not yet know which of the present year round students will be returning. And they won't know yet which of the summer students they will be interested in.

They might recommend she audition at a place nearer to your home. Sometimes the main auditioner from NYC also does a few of the audition tour sites.

Waiting to September would be a risk for dorm space. I do know a number of dancers who were accepted at the Sept audition and were lucky enough to find that dorm space was available. Other years there is no space in the dorm no matter how wonderful the auditioning dancer is.

So, give the registrar a call. They are very nice people and can help you with this decision. Since you have to fly across the country you will want to go at the best time. Lots of luck.

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