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Could someone please confirm or deny that SAB offers scholarships for the winter term/year round? For some reason I was under the impression the winter term was financial aid only - no scholarships. I don't remember if I heard that at the parent meeting or elsewhere. I keep seeing winter scholarships mentioned in the summer intensive thread but thought I should ask here.


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We received financial aid during the Winter Terms we attended. Most students receive financial aid at SAB, but really don't talk about or compare how much financial aid everyone is receiving, as it is a confidential subject.

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It is a sad reminder of the ego's that are involved at a school like SAB.....In our 5 years there, I heard parents refer to financial aid as "scholarship" in an attempt to boost their DK's standing at the school. In our experience, SAB was very generous with financial aid (at least in the Children's Division).

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It is not unusual for folks to use the word 'scholarship' instead of 'financial aid' in many settings, including universities. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/scholarship


Some schools label it all scholarship, whether it is need-based or merit-based or a combination, all of which falls within the legitimate definition of the word. In the case of these type institutions, I can't imagine there would not be a merit-based threshold before the need-based consideration kicked in.


This is one of the reasons things like this are confidential and specifics are not discussed openly in polite society. I'm sure it is an attempt to not label folks according to their economic circumstances and to provide a level playing field in that regard. Bottom line is, it is no one's business but the individual familly's.


As reported, SAB does give scholarships (how/why they are awarded is between the school and the recepient). That's good information to know. Parsing who got what and on what specific basis is personal.

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It is our personal experience with SAB that scholarships are given to the summer students. Financial Aid is given to the year-round students. At least that is how it was differentiated between during the last five years while my DD attended and received both types. We would have never been able to afford the experience otherwise.

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Narfie, I looked on SAB's website at the Winter Term information and found this:






Hope that is helpful.


Edited to add: I was entertained showing DS2 the part about academics being included in the conversation. :rolleyes: :whistling:

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Thanks. The combination of info, including a phone call I had with them, leads me to understand the winter students receive need-based financial aid, but it is under the umbrella term of scholarship as in higher education style scholarship packages.

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My girls, almost 7 and 8 auditioned at SAB and both were rejected yesterday.

Both my girls also compete in Dance at a local dance studio.

My 8 yr old has been complemented on her ballet by her teachers and was chosen to do ballet solos for a few years now.


On the other hand, she auditioned with her friend who has no solid ballet experience, her dance studio doesn't even teach ballet, they get a ballet teacher maybe once or twice a year, and she was accepted.


Rejection is hard, my 8 yr old didn't take it very well, but I told her that it's just not meant to be and probably better things are in her future just not SAB at this time.


At this point, we have no idea what is their criteria for choosing their students, any info regarding that would be very helpful.


Now I've read that there are 2 rejection letters, not sure if that applies to the my girls age group.

I'd like to know if it's the bad one or the good one.

They said at the end to have a wonderful summer and thank you for auditioning.


Is it worth it to apply again, or should we just forget about it?


Also, if anyone can tell me about any place that gives intensive ballet classes in the NJ/NY areas that would be really great.

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Look up the youtube video of "6 year olds auditoning at SAB." They are not looking for amazing technique at the 6-8 range. Mostly it's about body type and musicality. You can't help it if say, your dds friend was born with high arches and natural turnout. Tell your dd this, that it's based on "potential", not her dance ability. That should make her feel better.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Momma_ofTwo!


Ballerinamom2girls is right, auditions at 6-8 are not really based on training. They don't expect much technique at that age. However, they do look for potential in terms of the ballet specific physical facility. SAB is arguably more about that than most schools for students of that age. In the NJ/NYC area there are a lot of very good schools with intensive ballet training, although "intensive" is generally not for children of that age. Seven and eight year olds are generally in a first level of classical training, and they would have classes two days a week except in the summer, when they might have a program that has classes every day for a certain period of weeks.


If you check our forum on Pre-Professional and Residence Schools, you will find a lot of schools in your area. :)

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Momma of 2. . . Don't worry about it AT ALL. It means very little. Find the best training that you can in your area. In fact, it might be a "gift" of sorts. If your DD did not immediately attract them with her physical features, she might not hold their attention in a large class of 25 girls. (This has not been our experience with SAB during the summer but it could happen.).


Many, many people prefer to get their early training elsewhere in a smaller environment. There are scads of SAB dancers and NYCB dancers who never did the Children's Division levels.

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Victoria Leigh, ]Thank you, I just saw that my topic was moved here.


Ballerinamom2girls- I told my daughter that and she said so I don't have potential?? ☺️

It's hard to explain things to kids sometimes.

I told her she needn't feel discouraged because of this, and keep working hard.


I just feel she needs a more comprehensive training somewhere ballet focused, it's her passion and I want to do my best to put her somewhere suitable.


I will look around to find some information about schools or programmed in the my area, but I'd really appreciate it someone can point me tried schools or programs.

Recommendation would be great!

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You are in the Pre-Pro and Residence Programs, Momma_ofTwo. :) The programs are listed alphabetically, so you might need to do a bit of searching for the schools in specific areas.

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