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I agree with lillianna completely. The Wednesday auditions are not an hour and a half class with someone looking at your daughter directly. If at all possible, perhaps she could be seen locally if SAB teachers will be in your area?


Also, I would strongly suggest that she attend a summer session at SAB, both to see if she and the program suit, and to acclimate herselef to Manhattan. Sometimes the fit is perfect, sometimes not so. 3000 miles away from home is a lot for some kids. With the summer program, she has a chance to be seen on more than a one-shot basis. This is no small factor.


Best of luck!

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Thank you for the advice! I have looked over their web site and if I understood it correctly, the summer auditions and winter term auditions are separate auditions and summer intensive attendence is not required. What confuses me is they take in some winter term students from their summer intensive. I guess I better call and find out what the scoop is. Thanks everybody!

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For anyone else that is interested, I called the registrar at SAB and they told me to call back in May and set up an appointment for an audition at their location. Like Lilliana said, they wanted the audition to be as close to September as possible but before the summer. :flowers:

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My understanding has always been that the Wed./Fri. in-studio auditions are for the summer program only. They are very short, maybe 40 minutes if you're lucky, usually 30.


Talented students who may not stand out clearly from the crowd at the larger auditions tend to fare well in this smaller in-studio setting because there's only about 15 or 16 dancers.


Don't know if that's equally true of the smaller auditions for winter term though.

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I've never heard of any smaller auditions for winter term specifically. I have only heard of smaller auditions for their SI but I assume that you, mylildancer, were upfront and they still suggested she come to audition in NYC in one of these smaller auditions... Perhaps one of the main reasons is that the key teachers will be there watching - Suki Shorer and Kay Mazzo for sure...Peter Boal, if he's not over at PNB...


mylildancer, in the upper levels students who attend SAB's SI are usually hoping to be asked to stay. Several from my daughter's old school in NYC who were between 15 and 16 moved over after last summer's SI... These particular students didn't need the dorms for the winter session because they live in the city already with their families.

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I not only called them to make sure that there wasn't any misunderstandings, I e-mailed them also and explained that dd needed a residency program, was already committed for the summer, and would like to audition for their school.


Their web site also says this:



Girls and boys 8-10-years-old, if unable to attend the scheduled audition for their age group, may audition for any remaining spaces through the end of September. Children 11-13 may audition at SAB through October 31. Applicants 14-18 years of age may audition throughout the year. Please call 212-769-6600 to schedule an appointment.


**There is a $20 application fee for all auditions held at SAB as of Sept. 2004.


It was because of dd's need for housing that they asked to schedule her audition late in the school year. It seems that the hardest part of getting into this residency program is actually getting a dorm room.

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For those who are always interested in finding out where the most recent graduates of any program end up, I thought this listing of those from last year's advanced class that Peter Martins invited eight to become apprentices with New York City Ballet.

Kaitlyn Gilliland, Tiler Peck, Rachel Piskin, Taryn Wolfe, Daniel Applebaum, William Lin-Yee, Troy Schumacher, and Giovanni Villalobos will begin rehearsing with NYCB in October 2004, and they will likely make their NYCB debuts in George Balanchine's The Nutcracker™ at the New York State Theater beginning in late-November.


The school's website is so vastly improved it's something. Here is a link to their listings of recent professional employment. Interesting to note that there are two who've moved on to less typical performing opportunities, too.


Dancers need to get in touch with the school to have their names added to the list. :wink:


And there's a handy listing of companies and directors that "employ SAB alumni as dancers, artistic staff or choreographers. Artistic directors marked with “*” are also alumni of the School." which can be found under this listing of professional employment.

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I am 16, and I am attending the School of American Ballet this summer for the first time. I am interested in their year-round program, but I had heard that to be accepted, you must first attend 2 summers. Is there truth in that rumor? Must a student be on scholarship? Thank you.

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i know some people asked to say year round after one year. they have to really like you though. its also harder to get in the second summer. so good luck!

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Guest swanodette

I'm thinking of auditioning but here is the thing I am only trained Vaganova style, do you guys think it's a waste of time because it is a Balanchine style school or you think I should give it a try?

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At age 14-15, which I assume you are, they will still audition students and speculate on potential, no matter which system has been used for "basic training".

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