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SAB year round students are expected to attend another SI, usually PNB, Boston, or Miami. They are met with and told which program is recommended for them by SAB staff. They want their students to experience other SAB staff approved SI's. This is my experience with an advanced level female who attended their winter program for three years (C1, C2 & D).

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HMLK. .. 

My DD has friends at SAB and they all do tend to go to those SIs but I don't really know why. 

Is it your sense that these teachers think that it's a possible way to get a job? And are SAB kids are getting JOBS from those places (PNB, Miami, Boston)?  The ones who don't get into the company?  It just seems a pretty restrictive group that cannot really absorb all the SAB kids coming out. 

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learningdance, I thought they sent students out to: 1) continue dancing/improving during the summer, and 2) get exposure for potential jobs at these companies. I once saw a list of where the SAB "graduates" went every year. I'm not sure if it's still on their website or if it continues to be updated.  The majority, from what I remember, went into the NYCB & SFB. I am sure others went to PNB, Miami, Boston, and other good companies in the U.S. and Europe.

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I assume the SAB preference for summers at Boston, PNB and Miami is about consistency of training.

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The programs that they recommend for summer have a compatible style with the training that they receive at SAB, and yes, they do get jobs at Boston, PNB and Miami, among many other companies.

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Thanks for sharing this site! DD will need skirts for the summer and next year. I will have to wait for the handbook, and if they're okay with any brand, I will look into those. 

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Anybody have a DK currently in the year-round program?

Would like to know if Freeds are required for year-round SAB dancers. Also, can girls wear any style of black and white leos for the appropriate classes (like they do during the SI) or do they have to wear a specific brand/style of black and white leotards?

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I don’t have a daughter so I can’t speak to the shoes, but I do know that leotards of any brand are fine as long as they are the correct color. 

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Pdxballetmom if you look on the SAB website under the winter term section, at the class schedules— scroll down and the uniform for each level is listed. One rule that may not be written there is that there is not supposed to be colored trim or other embellishment. 

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