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Does anyone know how many or what percentage of SAB students are commuting students and do not live in the dorms? If anyone has attended as a commuting student do you feel like you are involved in the school's culture so to speak or do you feel like an outsider?

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SAB accepts dancers starting at age 8, although you have to be at least 14 to live in the dorm. Most of the residential students attend the Professional Children's School (private) or the Professional Performing Arts School (public, don't know if it has a website). I attended PCS, and I recommend it as it's very close to SAB.

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Guest balletandsynchro

Professional Children's School is excellent, and if you obtain their view book, it lists many noteable alums, who are involved in many endeavors, from the arts, to sports, to music, and entertainment. A nice aspect of the school is that the students meet others who are not necessarily involved in the arts, as the school has a more diverse student body. We had looked into this school for our DD a couple of years ago. Be aware however, that the tuition is very expensive. They do have a financial aid endowment; it would be worth an inquiry as to application procedures. Hans could probably give you more information about the school since he is a graduate. B)

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My daughter attended PCS - which she loved - and, I really think that the best thing to do is to contact the school directly. PPAS does have a websiste which is part of the NYC public school system.


It's important to remember that sometimes students who are on full scholarships, or partial perhaps, may also receive scholarships to attend PCS. This sort of thing is always going to be something very individual.

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Yes, tuition is quite expensive; I received a scholarship because I had very good grades from my previous schools. I'd be happy to give details about daily life at PCS although my experience was rather unusual as I completed two years in one.


One really fun thing about PCS is the people you meet--Julia Stiles was in my graduating class!

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I too would be interested in a response to NYCB2b's question about what the environment is like for the non-boarding students and if they feel like part of the whole culture there or somewhat of an outsider. BW would your dd be able to give either of us any insight? Thanks so much.

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Mine didn't attend SAB (a relative of mind did, however from 13 through graduation - but as a resident). My daughter was friends with a number of non residential students from ages 14 through about 17. Of the group she knew, there were several who lived in Manhattan (believe me there are quite a few who live in Manhattan and its boroughs and outlying areas - even Long Island - who attend SAB from the younger ages to the oldest ages), and a number who commuted from New Jersey, and Westchester County and Connecticut by train, for the most part. In my opinion, from what I have seen and heard both from students and their parents, the commuting students did not feel any less involved in the program. Naturally the longer the commute the longer the hours involved in the dancer's day, but not everyone chooses to live at SAB even if there is room. I think choosing to live there is a personal decision that can be based upon a variety of issues.


Over the years there have always been commuting students who attend to SAB - so I wouldn't worry about that aspect. :wub: And remember, choosing to commute does not have to be the choice forever, either. :devil:

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Well, I don't know about "wisdom" but this is my experience. If your twins :blink: have been accepted into the program perhaps the school would let you speak with current families who are commuting? Non ballet schools that require tuition often do this. :shrug:

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Does anyone have any info/experience on this audition?

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