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My daughter was accepted to the residency program after one summer. There was a yer between her attending the summer progam and auditioning for the winter term. She audtioned in September.

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Yes, definitely, there are non-scholarshipped summer students asked to stay year-round. And not all scholarshipped summer students are asked to stay either. Five weeks offers the full picture of a dancer.


Also, a number of people end up staying year-round simply by asking if they can. :) Sometimes they are told yes, and space is available. Other times, when SAB still isn't sure they want that particular student but are willing to see more of the student through the year, they say yes, but there is no housing available. The student is then a day student at the school and quite often, if the school is happy with her/him, as soon as a room opens up, it's offered to them.


The same goes for many students who audition in the fall after all or most of the housing for the year is already taken.

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Vagansmom how often does that happen? :huh: could you give an estimate??? Support system, how old was your daughter? :shrug: I will be 14 by the time I attend their summer program...if anyone could give some more info on sabs educational schools that would be really helpful!!! :yes:

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If you attend SAB year round, you must be enrolled in a high school. Most attend either PPAS, a public school, or Professional Children's School, a private school. A very few students attend LaGuardia HS, a public school, or take correspondence courses. SAB does not have an academic program.

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During the summer program (last year), there were talks to discuss the different academic school options. The next week (or so), there were opportunities to visit the schools as well. Very nicely arranged and informative. Have a great summer!

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The school's annual Workshop Performances are an important highlight and they just happen to be this weekend. Here is a preview article from Bloomberg News written by Toby Tobias on June 1st: Youthful Bodies Fly Into Dance Careers at Ballet Workshop Shows

A pair of trim-bodied teenagers are dancing in a huge Lincoln Center studio rimmed with ballet barres. The petite, sweet-faced young woman zooms across the space like a plane on its runway and, airborne, flings herself at her partner head first, body horizontal. He catches her deftly, saving her from sudden death and managing to look princely about it.


These beautiful daredevils are rehearsing for the annual School of American Ballet's Workshop Performances -- this year, two on June 3 and one on June 5 at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater -- that display tomorrow's classical-dance stars, nearly all of them under 20. Their academy, founded by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein in 1934, is the chief purveyor of dancers to the New York City Ballet and a rich source for other ranking companies in the U.S. and abroad...

Click on the title link for more.


If anyone reading this board attends today, especially from my selfish point of view, please post by starting a new thread in the appropriate forum (Cross Talk?) and tell us about it. I'm particularly interested in hearing about "Square Dance" as performed at today's afternoon performance because the young woman who is dancing the lead is an old friend. :D:shrug:


P.S. While reading the other Ballet Talk's forum on NYCB, I discovered this great site: Kate Snedeker's chronicle of the SAB Workshops It goes back many years. :dry:

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I was just wondering, does SAB have open classes that you could drop in on? :P SAB is such a prestigious "name school" and it would be great if they had classes you could drop in on to have quality instruction from teachers who taught famous dancers. :thumbsup: Alot of people would never be accepted to SAB and open classes would give them an opportunity to "go there". :) People go to New York to take class at STEPS and wouldn't it be cool to take class at SAB too? :P

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No, sorry, no drop in classes at SAB. The only type of class that a non-SAB student can usually take there is an audition class.

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Does anyone have a clue of the acception rate for the year-round program? And if you attend for the year, do you automatically have a spot for the summer?

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Dancers are accepted into SAB's year-round program from their summer intensive each year. The number of dancers asked each summer to stay varies. You may ask to be evaluated for the year-round program at the beginning of the SI. Sometimes, students are asked to stay for the winter term even if they haven't formally expressed an interest. You typically must be 15 years of age or older to receive a dorm spot. There are less spots in the dorm for the year-round program than for the summer program because extra rooms are used in the Julliard section in the summer. If you are in commuting distance from the school, you may be asked to be a day student. This happened to my daughter. Also, you may be asked to attend, but be required to find your own housing in NYC. If you don't attend SAB's SI, you can also gain entrance to their school by attending an audition in the fall, usually held during the week of Labor Day. Housing in the dorm is very limited by then. Of course, there have been exceptions to everything mentioned here. The dancers who attend SAB year-round usually attend other programs in the summer.

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SAB students do not attend their summer program, they are "encouraged" to go elsewhere. The SAB summer program is the result of their national audition tour and, therefore, the school's chance to recruit new talent. I'm not sure of their acceptance rate.

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