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What Grade Is Best To Go En Pointe ?

- ' freya

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At my studio you go en pointe once at grade 5, is this suitable as i know at some places it is grade 3. Is my studio putting people en pointe later that other places to make sure that the student is very capeable to go en pointe?

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It's not really about what grade you're on, it's important that you're old enough and have enough strength, and good quality training.

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'freya, not everyone studies in a graded system, or in the same graded system that you study. So, the grade level will vary. What is much more important is the pointe readiness. One needs at least 3 years of regular study, with a minimum of 3 classes of an hour and a half each during that third year. The 3 years does not include the years in pre-ballet.


If the dancer has enough training and is solid in placement, use of rotation, and has strong feet and ankles, then the teacher will decide when to place her on pointe.

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I also went en pointe when I was in fifth grade, but my studio now puts girls en pointe later into 6th and 7th grade.

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tutu, I believe that the question was about grades in ballet, not in academic school. In the UK most students study in RAD or ISTD schools, and their ballet classes have grades. There are exams that they take to progress to the next grade, like in school except that they are ballet exams. :P

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Yeah, i think its true about the fact that you need to be stong to go on pointe, and each studio is different. at my old school i was put on pointe when i was ten but then i swiched studios and my new studio took me off pointe because they feel im not ready yet.

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