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I really need some help finding a leotard that fits me. I am 17 years old and need a black ballet leotard. I am 5 ft 8/9 and a size 8, I really can't find any leotard that are long enough in the body but aren't too wide. I was wondering if anyone had had the same problem and if they knew of any brands that might fit me. thanks-sarah

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Mods please delete if this is too inappropriate. I thought PM ing would be worse but as I have extensive experience now in tall things, may-be you will permit me.



SJG: Look for Motionwear leotards. They come in long torso with sizes Small- XL. I only just fond them myself. If you are the right size around Bodywrappers has a Tall size that might work.

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Yeh-thank you for the help I have had a quick look for motionwear but I haven't found any in tall sizes yet. my main problem is that any ones that i think might fit, i can't get shipped to the uk.

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Wear moi (www.wearmoi.co.uk) will make to order you can contact them via their website and discuss your needs via email.


Beautiful leotards, adapted to you. It's worth contacting them.


Also dancewear-uk.co.uk offer a similar service.

Moderators - full apologies I came onto this in new posts and now realise wrong forum - please delete, if necessary.

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I'm the same size as you, I believe. I think a size 8 is a 6 over here....

So I'm about your size. The BodyWrappers in Tall is perfect - though the bust area is sometimes a bit big...

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I second Wear Moi. I have a long body as well and these fit me great. Gaynor Minden leotards also seem to have a bit of extra length in the body.

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