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RDA performing and honor companies

Kathleen Sinclair

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I noticed a question about the designation of performing and/or honor company in RDA (Regional Dance America) in the Young Dancers 17-22. As I cannot post in that section, I will explain the difference here in Cross Talk.


RDA has a set of criteria to work towards for each of its member companies. Each year companies are adjudicated by outside professional and can be awarded an 'honor' credit for their work (both class and performance). 'Honor' credits are awarded for excellence or work above the standard of RDA. If they receive a minimum of 3 credits within a 5 year period, that company is considered an "honor" company.


The only region that does not use this system is the Pacific. Companies in this region can exceed the set standard for that year and are awarded recognition for that year only. In other words, Pacific region companies do not accumulated 'honor' credits so there are no 'honor' companies listed.


Simply stated, performing companies meet RDA standards and honor companies exceed or are the strongest in their region.

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Kathleen, thank you for starting this thread to provide an answer to the RDA company question(s). It is very helpful and I'm sure others will find it very informative. :flowers:

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Pacific region used to use a similar system, though, correct? With the 3 honors credit within 5 years to be an "honor" company?

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Yes, the Pacific did have honor companies and credits in the past. But they have used this new system for about 4 or 5 years now. The Pacific's festival format is also different as it does not have a "gala" performance reserved for the strongest companies. All of the member companies come together for 3 'equal' nights of programing, combining newer and less experienced groups with companies that eventually receive an "exceeds" standard rating.

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