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Adult Ballet Classes - Texas


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I'll be in San Antonio all next week and wondered if anyone knew of a good place to take some classes while I'm visiting. I should be there from Friday, May 30 to the next Friday.


Thanks a lot!

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Although you've probably got some good inside information, I'm moving this to the Pre-Pro General discussion, as per our policy for searching for classes (see Sticky). You may get some further useful pointers!

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Thanks everyone! I found a very good school in San Antonio and have arranged to drop in for two classes next week. :blushing:


Incidentally, when I told my sister that I would be at ballet and gone for those two mornings she asked "Why?", and said that it was kinda "weird". Sigh... :) those non ballet types just don't understand. Strange, she would think nothing of going on a trail ride with her horse while on a visit with me (if she happened to have it with her). Oh well...

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