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stretching and pain


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As my (10 year old) daughter's regular dance classes do not include any flexibility work, I have been exploring an alternative way of helping her in this area. The other day, I realised that one of the personal trainers at my gym used to be a dancer so I chatted to her about whether she might be able to help. She was very enthusiastic and offered to put together a programme with my daughter. All seemed well until we started to talk about the detail and she asked if my daughter was prepared for the amount of pain that would be involved. When I queried this she said that if stretching was not painful, it wasn't really stretching and furthermore that she would have to expect to tear her hamstrings and groin many times in the process.


Now, I know that injury is an occupational hazard with dancing, and so does my daughter, but surely it isn't right to set out actually intending to injure yourself? I have always believed that stretching should be uncomfortable but not painful.


Am I right to think that this isn't the solution that I thought it might be?

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AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Run, run away fast from that trainer.... :) UGH.


No. No. No. I am lacking any other words at the moment.

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Ackkkk!!!!! Warning, warning, Will Robinson!!!!


That trainer should NOT be allowed anywhere near your DD . . . or anyone else for that matter.


Absolutely no reason to expect pain, hamstring tears, etc. when stretching to improve flexibility. Definitely much kinder, gentler, and greater success methods are available. She DOES need to be prepared to see improvement only over time; no such thing as instant success in increasing flexibility. Slow and easy does it.

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in my daughters years in rg i've seen things i never hope to see again.And one of those things is the crying of all those girls while they were doing there exercises for flexibility,especialy legflexibility.

I remember they had to pracice their oversplits between two chairs and afterwards they had to "run it of",they could barely walk at that moment.

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My DD was just discharged from several weeks of PT and they gave her very specific instructions on how to properly stretch in order to AVOID straining or tearing anything. 10 year olds are still growing and if your daughter works with someone with this approach and then additionally begins her growth spurt then the results will likely be tragic.

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I think a small amount of pain (or discomfort depending on your use of the word) is desirable as it ensures that the stretch is working but there certainly shouldn't be intense pain and definitely not torn muscles. Don't do it!!

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Thank you, everyone - I will heed your advice.


I expected this sort of response - just wantd to test my instinct!


Yankee, are you able to briefly able to summarise the approach recommended by your daughter's physio?

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