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Ballet class was me..age .47...and the 12 and up girls yesterday. No problem. None of the other adults showed up. It happens.


Picture this. A room full of girls ranging from 5 foot to 5 foot 6 maybe, and 6 foot 2 inch me.

There I am during stretching at the barre with my leg toward the front resting on the lower barre. So what? I was feeling tight and out of alignment on the higher one for the day. Whatever. All the "little ones" have their legs on the higher barre.


What is wrong with this picture? It seems pitiful. Poor old lady in class isn't so flexible. Actually, I have fairly respectable extension to the side, but that is not the point here.


The amusing part is that the teacher was moving around the room inspecting everyone. When he gets to me, he pauses a second to look me over, and just gives me a big understanding smile...almost a laugh. I grinned right back at him and he moved to the next person.



Sometimes, there are just no words.


I do love class.

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That's pretty good Laschwen! I've had ONE teacher since I came back that understood me being older than everyone else and challenged me but still didn't expect me to be perfect like everyone else. I miss her actually. But my job was 30 miles one way and her studio was 30 miles past my house in the opposite direction and I just couldn't see driving 120 miles 4 days a week. :yes:

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I had to laugh out loud when I read this! :yes:

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Fun - My teacher always seems to get to me when I am doing my first grand plie in fourth...

These are my "good stretch" plies where my hip pops - loudly.

She always laughs with me. She's a year younger than me - and such an inspiration!!

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It's pretty funny when I was in classes and doing anything and various joints/my back would pop. All the girls would be looking around and I would be like, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, RELIEF!!!!"




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When I do grand plié in second my hips always pop very loudly. So loud it can be heard over the music. I now include some pliés in my prebarre warmup to get it over with. I'm the youngest in the class I take at the moment and all the other students laugh when I keep cracking and popping.


My hip once popped very loudly when a teacher was manipulating my leg. He was so worried he'd hurt me.

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On first plies on every Monday morning in a college Modern class I took, we heard something like a popcorn popper with everybody's knees popping around the room. It was always good for a laugh.

We thought we were getting so old back then. Ha! The teacher was always amused at us.

I think I will smile on purpose during class more often.....

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