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anyone heard of

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They do some very nice work - do you have some specific questions? Not sure how to respond beyond "yes, I know their work"




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Yes, I've heard of them as well. I believe they performed in Toronto last year, but I was, unfortunately, unable to attend their performance.

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Heard of them.

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Does anybody know if this is the company who did a dance with a guy and a girl who where in this contraption of where they somehow started dancing on the walls and ceiling? Or maybe it was the camera effect...

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They're pretty well known internationally (but maybe not outside the large cities in the US?), and have just toured here in the UK to major large-capacity venues. They're known for their very innovative choreography and stage craft, which combines classical technique (including pointe work (with some quite stunning moves -- there's a lot of playing with the dancers' centre of balance and the interplay of bodies. They also appear physically fearless, literally throwing themselves in certain pieces. Quite exhilarating! (I had a PhD student who included a chapter on La La La Human steps in their dissertation, on the ways the choreography subverted classical ballet narrative stereotypes of the passive female body).

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The UK is one of the international centres for performance, basically, and dance is part of that -- major companies from other countries aim to perform here as part of their development or maintenance of an international reputation. The lure and magic of the reputation of Sadler's Wells, perhaps? La La La Human Steps were performing here in my city about 2 months ago, the Kirov opens next week, the Australian Ballet toured 2 years ago, and so on ...

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