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Okay I cannot do a cabriole to save my life!! After my leg beats in, I can't figure out how to get iit high when it beats out. (not sure if I'm making any sense....) Any tips for getting my legs to come together faster in the beat, and higher when my front leg goes out?

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When your leg beats in? :wink:


When does this happen in a properly-executed cabriole?


No, the working leg goes up, then the supporting leg goes to meet it, and the working leg continues to go up! You don't shift gears and suddenly put the working leg in reverse, at least not in the basic cabriole.

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I have to do the cabriole variation in La bayadere- the Shadows. Mr. J is totally right, and you have to get a nice high jump from a good plie. Landing with your leg still up is another problem, and I still haven't figured that out yet...lol

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