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As I was unable to add to my previous thread about the splits, I would just like to apologise if the content of my original post or subsequent responses were inappropriate for this forum. There is clearly a difference in how things are approached in the USA and the UK. As I said, I was talking about exercises that are given out by the associate school specifically for the pupils to practise at home. In my last post I was intending to clarify this, not to cause offence or question the judgment of the people who had kindly responded to my enquiry. As a newbie, I did not realise that it is a policy in this forum (rather than simply some contributors' personal views) not to recommend pupils practise at home unsupervised. However, having read back over all the responses to my own thread that has become clear and I won't post such queries again. Thank you to those who responded.

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Thank you for your reply. We appreciate that you may not have understood that a teacher moderator and site administrator were the ones giving you information. We look forward to your questions, however, we are a moderated site and therefore sometimes the answer will simply be that it is not something we do here. No apology needed. It was just clear that you wanted an answer different than the one given.


You must remember that written words are hard to decipher (given what you've just realized) and therefore also can understand that someone's written instructions on how to do the splits cannot substitute for what a teacher at home can see and do with your child. That has nothing to do with US/UK but rather safe teaching.


Since we've both had a chance to respond and clarify, I'll close this thread also. We look forward to further questions you may have.

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