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Splits with Hips Totally Square


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Yes, even with the hyperextension, you should feel that!

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*whew* I thought I was doing something wrong when I tried it like that. Is there any way to stretch that outter-under part of the knee (tendon...ligament?) other than splits? Is there some sort of harness to keep my shoulders square? I noticed when I tried this my upper body was trying turn with my front leg.



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WM, the idea is to 'try' and keep shoulders square and legs turned out, but NOT to the point of pain. Stretch is fine, but if there is any pain in the knees at all, don't do it! :shrug:

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It wasn't pain, I could just really feel it stretching that under part on the outter side of my knee. I can do splits with my front leg not turned out and don't feel that. It's sort of like by turning out the front leg I've discovered something that's tight and needs to be stretched. And I'm not sure how that's possible with hyperextended knees??? I can sit with my legs straight out in front of me and lift my lower legs and feet several inches off the floor. I guess I'm just discombobulated how there's anything 1) that's left in there and 2) what is left is tight? :ermm:

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*phew* glad to hear that I was not taught to do the splits the wrong way round! :ermm:



if a split is not enough of a stretch for my psoas - what else should I try that will stretch me without adding stress on my knees? Don't know if this makes sense...

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