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chaine turns en pointe

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I am having trouble keeping a nice tight first position with my feet during chaine turns. i have slightly bowed legs and hyper extending knees and very flexible feet. I'm not very good at using my turn out. I'm finding it hard to get over my shoes whilst keeping my legs close together. I can't get my legs to touch at all without coming off my shoes. I don't understand why I'm coming off my shoes and finding it so hard to hold this position when my feet and my ankles are so flexible. Please help me! Thankyou in advance!

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Let me give this one a shot.


You have hyperextended knees, which can allow your weight to settle back into your heels if you lock those joints. With your weight so far back on your feet, it will be very difficult to get over your shoes in any step which has both feet fairly under you. You will need to correct for hyperextension in order to get the chainés to behave themselves.

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Oh ok. Yes that makes sense. How do I correct the hyper extension? I often get in trouble for having bent knees and it feels like the only way I can make them look straight is to lock them. :thumbsup:

Thanks for your reply!

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