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Dance at school?


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Ok so I am a freshman in high school and I danced with my school on dance team this year. I feel really overwelmed with my buisy schedule though because i am also dance 6 days a week at my ballet studio. I love Ballet and I want to be a professional ballet dancer so badly, and i feel that dance at school might be getting in the way. I dont know what to do though because I am one of two freshman on the dance team and my teacher is really counting on me to stay in it since so many people are already leaving. I feel almost obligated to stay. I also kind of want to stay on dance at school though because you want to be involved in somehting in high school and it is definately fun. I am just really worried about not being the best i can be in ballet and I feel that my other dancing might be getting in the way of that. My ballet studio also doesnt approve of dancing at school and want everyone to stop, so i dont really know what to do. If any one has advice or an opinion about this it would be very helpful. Thank you.


ps if this is in the wrong place or shouldnt be here at all just move or delete. Thank you.

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OK, let's look at this from a practical point of view.


You have run out of disposable time to work on ballet. You wish to make ballet a career. What are the chances that high school dance team will land you a place which will lead to employment? Is your ballet school more likely to provide this? You have self-identified that you need better technique in ballet, but the team is getting in your way of improving. Your main teacher in your proposed career is recommending that you drop dance team. Out of respect, what should you do?

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Yes this is true. Oh, but one other thing. My school requires that you have 2 years of a fine art so I can count this year in dance at school as one. Should I take something else as my fine art for next year or should I just do dance one more year?

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Well, dance isn't a fine art. It's a performing art. Now, if dance WOULD count toward credit, then I'd find something to replace it at school. Ever thought of taking up painting and joining the art club? Would that count?

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Oh ya sorry forgot to mention that for some reason it does count. I know its weird. Ok thanks you :ermm:

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