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I'm having an extended stay with some relatives over the summer, and wondered if anyone knew of any reputable dance companies West of Knoxville? There are a lot of places in Oak Ridge, but I'm wondering if any of them are reputable and have classes for adults of a beginning/intermediate level.


The schools that actually have websites look very "Dolly Dinkle", or only have classes once a week, and I would rather go 2-3 times a week... Thoughts? Suggestions?


If nothing is available here, a class in Knoxville might be an option, but it's a heck of a drive from this house out in the sticks. Oak Ridge area is more convenient. Even something a little north of Knoxville might work -- but I REALLY doubt there'll be a ballet studio in Norris, TN. :blushing:


Thanks for any help! :blink:

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I live in Oak Ridge and I am looking for adult ballet classes at a school also! So far, I have not been able to find anything suitable for my needs. I'll continue to look and I'll post if I find anything.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, hquest_98! :)


Good luck in your search and please keep us posted!

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Have you looked into going to Louisville, TN?


Google map places it as only 26.1 miles away from Oak Ridge if you take I-140 E, Knoxville is 24.7 miles away from Oak Ridge.


With that said, I don't have experience with schools in Knoxville; but I do with schools in Louisville.


In Louisville I would suggest Louisville Ballet. I know a company member and know people who have taken with the open program.


Good luck in your search!

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Other than the Louisville school are there any other schools in the Oak Ridge-Knoxville area? Besides Oak Ridge Academy which is where I went as a child and teen but they teach "cheerleader" dance styles. I have had a wonderful teacher for the last few years who was doing basically private instruction for me and one other girl but she is shutting down due to illness. I have been doing Kathryn Morgan's online classes for the last couple months but I would love some in person instruction so I can make sure I am not returning to bad habits. I will look into the Louisville school but it is a bit of a commute and I already commute almost daily to UT. The problem for me is that I am back en pointe and I know that ORAD won't help me at all to continue improving and nowhere else seems to have classes.

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Could you investigate whether there are classes at your university? Sometimes student Dance Societies offer weekly classes to a relatively high level.

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Calairiel, I hope I can help. If you are willing to drive to Maryville, Van Metre School of Dance is great! In Oak Ridge, Ms. Sharon at Dance Centre Oak Ridge is a wonderful instructor and is welcoming to adults in her classes (including pointe). The Tennessee Conservatory of Fine Arts (two locations - one in West Knoxville and one off Broadway) allows adult students in their teen classes (including pointe), and the Academy of Dance Arts in Lenoir City was open to adults in their teen classes when I spoke with them.


By the way, the Louisville Ballet mentioned in this thread is not in Louisville, TN; it's in Louisville, KY. It appears in searches for ballet classes in Knoxville, but, unfortunately, is not in the nearby Louisville.

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Thank you Daydreamer! I looked into UT and they didn't have anything at all so I will look into the Tennessee Conservatory for Fine Arts and the Dance Centre first as they are the closest. I didn't realize they let adults into their teen classes and I have had a terrible time getting a few of these places on the phone. Actually, I was even told by a student that the Dance Centre does nothing for adults so they weren't even on my list. I will go by and visit them.

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I saw (in another thread) that you found a studio. Yay! When you have enough posts to send a private message, please let me know which studio you joined (especially if it's not one I mentioned but should consider).:)





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