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Definitions needed for the various methods of ballet

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:blink: Sorry for being so clueless, but I need clarifications as to what these teaching terms mean.


ie - Cecchetti, Vaganova, RAD, Balanchine, French Method???


1. What are the differences between all these different methods of teaching?


2. What ( if anything) does it mean (in broad terms) for a dancer learning one or more of these styles of ballet.


I must be honest I don't know which ballet method is being taught to my daughter.

DD has been at the studio for 5 years and I never thought to find out what method was being taught. Will it make a difference for her in the long run? :blushing:


With that being said - The owners/instructors must be doing something right because several of our students have gotten into some very good schools/companies

PNB, Kirov, Boston, San Francisco Ballet


Apologies if these answers are already posted someplace else, still getting the hang of this...

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Here is a thread that was started a few weeks ago that may help you. :blink: There are quite a few links to many discussions of this topic here on BT4D.


I will close this thread so as not to have duplicate threads.

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