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Leotard help!

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For my new ballet class, I need a (relatively) plain black leotard. Because I have dry skin and also sport a rather unsightly heart surgery scar, I would really like to have a leotard with a high back. However, most leotards seem to either have a low back or a lot of strappy business going on that I'm not fond of for the above reasons.


I am considering buying the Bandeau Camisole Leotard (BE101 by Capezio) here: http://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/sty...mp;SID=65205327 And buying a pair of new, black straps to replace the clear ones. Has anyone worn this leotard or one similar to it that could offer an opinion?


Do you know of other leotards with fairly high backs and a cute front? I also really like the almost-sweetheart neckline shape of this leotard.


Advice? Recommendations?


If this post is inappropriate feel free to delete/move it. :flowers:


ETA: It doesn't have to be a camisole leotard. Any style will do, but I prefer short/no sleeves. :o

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I don't like low back leotards and at my age, I'm a little uncomfortable with too much going on with the straps. I've been wearing the princess seam leotard from Mirella (M207LM). I don't think it's quite as high as the one you looked at but it's more reasonable than many.


It looks like Capezio has another one similar to what you selected but with regular straps (TB49).


Discount Dance also has a catalog with all their leotards in them and many show the back. It might be worth it to get a copy and easier to page through. Although once you're on the mailing list, you'll probably keep receiving them and it's a waste of paper (go green).

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Thank you for the reply, Sabastianni! :flowers: Great suggestions!


My only concern about the princess seamed one is that it looks like very thick/fuzzyish matte fabric? Is the fabric surface smooth? I bought a leotard in a similar material in black and found that it faded very badly, and also got a 'fuzzy' feeling after a few washes.

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The material has washed just fine. It's definitely more cotton and not very silky. I believe it comes in either cotton/lycra or nylon/lycra. You may prefer the nylon.


Check out Danskin's NYCB leotard (1906). Pretty, silky, and a higher back.


After I responded the first time, I pickd up the mail and a new discount dance catalog arrived. Funny, huh!

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Heehee! What luck! I just sent away for a copy of the printed catalog.


I hope they have the princess-seamed one somewhere in nylon/lycra, it looks like it might be a good pick.


Thanks again for the suggestion, I'll consider the NYCB leo.

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When I was able to wear black - I had and still have a plain TB49 Capezio in the 90% Nylon 10% Spandex. It's lovely and you should check it out!



Right now I'm dealing with a low back on my TB150 Halter. I just am going to wear a bra with it tonight. I don't understand why they can't make simple leotards in all colors!


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I just got the "Empire Bodice Tank Leotard" (M407L) by Mirella and it has a fairly high back and wide camisole straps. I don't know if it's this leotard or Mirella in general, but it seems to run a tad small. I usually do fine in an adult small, but this one feels just a wee bit too small. It'll work fine, though. Just an observation.

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Discount Dance has one you could look at D5101. It is a basic tank with high neckline and back.

Bal Togs 3505 is in the same catalog and similar. It is higher in front.

They also show the Gaynor Minden one with lace all around the neckline and shoulders. It is not plain but it is beautiful. GM 102

There is also one on that page with a full mesh back. by Bloch L2122


My catalog is an older one with much more in it. They seem to have gone a little green and cut down the size of their catalogs.


Good luck.

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Thanks for all the responses, everyone! :o You've all given me a lot to consider.


Laschwen - I am not sure if the lacy leos would be appropriate for my in-class work, but I may send an e-mail to my teacher to see if she has any requirements about adornment for her dress code.


All I know is that it has to be black! :sweating:

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I had a problem with um. . .er. . .gaping. . .in the Gaynor Minden leo. Let's just say bending forward wasn't something I looked forward to in that one! ^_^

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Thanks for the tip, Kaleigh! I was looking at the 'Straps' style by Gaynor Minden as well -- very glamorous, but still plain enough for class, I think... I wonder if it has the same gaping problem?

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You could try the Bloch L5405 tank leotard. It has a high back and modest front. There is also a pinch front version that I wasn't able to track down the style number for. (It may be the 5415, but that could have a low scoop back...) These have to have been around without any changes for at least 20 years; I've worn them for ages, though I really prefer a low-back camisole (my back is one of the few parts of my body that I like showing off. Ha!)

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I have the GM 103 in cotton- it has a really long torso- I had to shorten the straps, but I like it. I don't know how the Tactel one fits, but I like the other tactel leos I have.

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Thanks for the tips, rockymtndancer and missvjc420! :) I'll check those out. The modesty in the front is not an issue at all for me, just having a high back because of that rather unsightly scar. :dry:

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