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My daughter has some friends who have attended.


From what I have heard, it's perhaps a program better suited to those who really want to be dance teachers.


That said, I would love to hear a different opinion!




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They are just about to start a PhD program in dance :-)

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I have recently become interested in York University due to its partnership with the National Ballet School's Teacher Training Program. According to York University's website, I can use US student loans to cover the cost of my education there. It is a five-year program--3 years at NBS and 2 at York (there is the option of doing 3 years at York and 2 at NBS, too). I have a few questions for those of you who have completed pedagogy programs or know anything about the Canadian university system:


1. NBS requires an audition, of course, but I am not sure exactly what they will be looking for. I haven't danced full-time since 2002, so I'm not in the best shape. Auditions aren't until January, so that gives me some time, but I was never a flashy technician. Is it necessary to be in top performing shape for a pedagogy program? (I e-mailed this question to NBS about a week ago, but they haven't replied.)


2. In December I will have completed an Associate of Arts degree here in the US--does anyone know how/if this might transfer to Canada? I know the best way to find out is to ask York directly, and I will, but I'm just trying to get a general idea of how this might work.


3. How employable would this program make me? On NBS's website, there is a video saying everyone in the program has a job, but they don't say whether it's full-time or just one class a week somewhere. There is the option of becoming certified to teach RAD or Cecchetti/ISTD in addition to receiving the NBS diploma, but I'm not really interested in either of those; hopefully that wouldn't be detrimental.


Thanks in advance for any info!


Edit: forgot to mention I do have chronic knee pain that does not keep me from dancing but sometimes makes jumping difficult--not sure if that will be a problem.

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I also have a question about this. Is there a certain level of dance in terms of exams that is needed to be accepted to the Teachers Training program? Also, what other kind of requirements are there? I have 2 years left in high school and am looking in possibly becoming a teacher in RAD ballet. Any suggestions in what I could start doing now to prepare?

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In the FAQs, the requirement is at least an Intermediate standard with Cecchetti or RAD. I do not know how strict this is - one of my teachers said he took his first exam ever at the TTP, but he had been performing for a while before entering the school.

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ah. I have both intermediate foundation and intermediate for my vocational exams and I have pre-primary to grade 5 in the lower levels mind you pre-primary and primary were assessments. I study under RAD. Thanks

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Hans, did you ever end up doing the program at York? If so, what was it like?

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