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Summer Best Wishes to All Parents


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:flowers: Hello all parents and online friends! Just a quick note to say that I'm very excited to be leaving tomorrow to visit son at Hamburg Ballet School and watch the school performance on the 10th. It's been almost a year since I have seen him on stage, so we are all very excited. I will report back on the post-grad thread about grads, the school's next year's plans, etc. He was also given his very first paid (Can you believe it!!!!) small company part in the upcoming company production of "Joseph's Story" - he's a bandit, wearing not much except some type of speedo-like bottom and a turban - gets to fight on stage! He's thrilled of course.


I was re-reading some threads on this forum today, and was amazed again at the strength and perseverance of our BT boys and I want to wish all boy dancers and their parents a terrific summer, successful SI's and hopefully some quality family time, where there is NO dancing involved! :o

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Hope you have a wonderful trip and your son dances amazingly! Your situation is very poignant - and we think of it often - because we don't no how much longer we have with our own DS. (Although right about now I can't wait for him to get out of my house!)

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Merde!!! And enjoy! :sweating:

You'll have to let us know how it goes! :o

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