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Slippery pointe shoes? Eep!

{Polina Fan}

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I've been practicing pointe work downstairs in my little home studio. It has hardwood floors.

I'm also performing at school on a gym floor, and my pointe shoes are slipper on the bottom, where the ball of the foot is. Is there a way to fix this and give the shoes more traction?


Also, I got Toe Cozies put on the tips of my pointes, and it helps SO much with the slipping when I stand en pointe.




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It can be answered here in one go, so no need to move it. You're picking up floor wax or finish from someplace, most likely from home. All you have to do is scuff up the outsole of the shoe with sandpaper. The slick stuff will scale right off.

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Another thing you could try is rosin. It seems to help everyone at my studio with this problem.

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