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When I look at other dancers in my ballet class their legs seem to look so much cleaner than mine. But, when I move it looks like my legs get tangled up. How can you get your body to react faster and look sharper while dancing? Sorry if this dosn't make since. :(

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Hey! I sorta get what you are saying. I think it is sorta like how do you make your legs look like they are sharper and cleaner. I would say use your muscles, especially your quads. Also use your hip flexors (turnout muscles) and pull up. Try not to stand on your heels, but shift the weight onto the ball of your feet. Trust me, it all is hard work, but it helps!


Luv ya-


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Maddie, don't try to answer things on the Young Dancers or Nutrition and Health forums before a moderator has answered first. This is not a self-help part of the board.

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