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Should I dance or should I wait?


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I am in a bit of a pridicament. Our old ballet studio got sold and has been converted into a restuarant and our new studio is still being built and will take at least two months before it is danceable. While we are waiting we have been dancing in a garage with a concrete floor and a pathetic excuse of a barre, my body is starting to take strain and my technique is slipping because it feels like I can do none of the exercises properly. I live in a rather remote little town and there are no other ballet schools or studios in the area. What I want to know is is it safe to dance on a concrete floor on a regular basis? And would it perhaps be better for me to stop dancing until the new studio is ready and loose out on technique or carry on dancing in these conditions with the risk of a possible injury?

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Buy a mat to use for stretching. Stretching is better than nothing. Explain politely to your teacher how you are feeling physically and suggest that class be given using the space provided as safely as possible. Floor barre would be great on mats. There are many ways to accomodate poor floors for a short while. Do not jump, do not move quickly, do not run. Slow plies and tendus should be fine though.


Stopping class for a period of two months is not ideal, but if the floor is creating injuries to your legs, take the time off. :shrug:

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